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Turn your product into interactive demos

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Scale your outbound and inbound pipeline

Engagement rate of Lancey built experiences
Increase in inbound pipeline
Outbound reply rates

Fix the broken Book a demo process

Create engaging and interactive product experiences to deliver an inbound experience that converts and increases pipeline.

Embed on landing pages

Use your real product to capture your visitor's attention and create a strong pipeline.

Track engagement

Know how your audience is interacting with your product before they even enter your pipeline.

Capture product-qualified leads

Easily turn engaged visitors into leads seamlessly captured into your CRM.
Notification and alerts from demo activity with lead being created

Follow-up based on intents, not sequences

Know exactly when and how prospects interact with your demos. Use this to shape your sales strategy and keep deals moving.
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Full picture: Get complete story behind each interaction.
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On time follow-ups: Know when and how a prospect engages with your demos so you can follow-up at the right time, everytime.
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Easy to setup and use

Capture and record your demo

Record and capture

Use our browser extension to record a fully interactive product experience.
Demo editing experience

Edit and share

Edit the demo flow and personalize content based on CRM and customer profiles.
Analytics and insights from demo performance

Monitor and follow-up

Track the performance across all audience and follow-up with rich intent data.

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